Chaddesley Corbett is a large rural Parish within Wyre Forest District Council.  In 2012 the Parish Council made a decision to prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) to guide future development in the Parish up to 2028.  The NDP was prepared through a thorough and wide ranging process of community consultant and engagement, and, following an independent examination, was supported by a majority Yes vote at a local referendum.  The NDP was made by Wyre Forest District Council and came into effect on 25 September 2014.   You can view all the documents in connection with the original report by following this link.

Wyre Forest District Council is undertaking a Local Plan Review (2016-2036).  The new Local Plan will replace the current Adopted Core Strategy, Site Allocations and Policies and Local Plan and Kidderminster Central Area Action Plan with a single Local Plan for the district.

In 2019 Chaddesley Corbett Parish Council made the decision to review the NDP, taking into account the following:

  • Changes in the local (Wyre Forest District Council) and national planning policy since 2014;
  • The results of a Parish Housing Needs Survey undertaken in June 2015;
  • Consideration of local residents’ and stakeholders’ concerns gathered through a Parish Residents’ Survey undertaken in August 2019;
  • A Call for Sites and Site Assessment Process for local affordable housing schemes undertaken in 2020; and
  • The preparation of a Design Codes document in 2020 to underpin detailed local design policies.

The process of carrying out a Neighbourhood Development Plan Review takes many months and work started in November 2018.   A Working Group and a Steering Group were formed to take the project forward.   Minutes of these meetings are available to download below.

As part of the process a Housing Needs Survey, Residents’ Survey and a Call for Sites were undertaken to formulate the NDP Review.   Consultants were appointed to assist with the technical aspects of the NDP, and grants were obtained from Locality to fund this work.   In addition Locality appointed consultants to prepare a Design Code for the parish and assessment of sites for affordable housing for which grants were available.   A copy of these documents are also available to download as and when they become available.

A draft report is in preparation and it is anticipated that this will be available for public consultation later this year.    A plan showing the anticipated programme for completion of the project is also available, but this might be delayed due to the current CoronaVirus restrictions.

Meeting Documents

Meeting DateMeeting TitleAgendaMinutes
Mon 20th Jul, 2020Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Meeting 20 July 2020 Download Download
Wed 8th Jul, 2020Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting 8 July 2020 Download Download
Thu 11th Jun, 2020Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting 11 June 2020 Download Download
Fri 7th Feb, 2020Minutes of Steering Group 7 February 2020 Download Download
Thu 9th Jan, 2020Minutes of Steering Group 9 January 2020 Download Download
Wed 6th Nov, 2019Minutes of Working Group 6 November 2019 Download Download
Tue 29th Oct, 2019Minutes of Steering Group 29 October 2019 Download
Thu 19th Sep, 2019Minutes of Working Group 19 September 2019 Download
Mon 22nd Jul, 2019Minutes of Working Group 22 July 2019 Download
Fri 7th Jun, 2019Minutes of Working Group 7 June 2019 Download Download
Wed 1st May, 2019Minutes of Steering Committee 1 May 2019 Download Download
Tue 26th Mar, 2019Minutes of Steering Committee 26 March 2019 Download Download
Wed 20th Mar, 2019Minutes of meeting with Wyre Forest District Council 20 March 2019 Download
Fri 8th Mar, 2019Minutes of Steering Committee 8 March 2020 Download
Thu 14th Feb, 2019Minutes of Steering Committee 14 February 2019 Download Download
Minutes of NP Steering Group Meeting held on 11 June 2020 Download Download
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group 8 July 2020 Download

Other Documents

Call for SItes

A Call for Sites was carried out in December-January 2020 and five sites were submitted for assessment. These sites have been forwarded to our consultants AECOM for site appraisals. Please note that submission of a site for affordable housing does not necessarily mean that it will be accepted for development.